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Echelon Fine Details is now offering professional services in the area of decal artwork creation, providing a file format readily acceptable by most professional decal printers out there. Over the years, Echelon Fine Details (EFD) has received a number of queries as to whether we print our own range of decals and offer custom printing. The answer is no, we create the artwork and contract the printing out to professional printers. Our primary role is focused on overcoming the intricacies of artwork creation and making sure of decal accuracy (size, color, fit, etc). Both of which are quite surmountable tasks by themselves. Which is why we prefer to let professionals handle the actual printing, while letting EFD focus on becoming the artwork specialist.

For those unfamiliar with the production of professional waterslide decals, the process of creating a set of printer-ready artwork is very complicated. It is not quite straightforward as one imagines it to be. This is because the printing process is not the same as decals printed using any ink-jet, bubble-jet, thermal or laser printers. It is also not just about the ability of professional printers being able to print white and separated clear films. Which is why artwork specification set by various professional waterslide printers is very stringent. One wrong move and you could end up with one big batch of waste paper! Not to mention a great loss of time and investment. We know because we've been through it all and suffered all the mistakes in order to get to where we are today.

The service is for:

1) Model companies - if you have a bottleneck in the decal artwork area and are looking for professional and reliable hands to cover the work overflow, we are here for you.

2) Aftermarket producers - if you are planning to incorporate decals into your range of products and require decal artists to help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

3) Existing aftermarket decal producers - if you are tied up with too many decal projects and need extra help so that you would be able to release more products within a shorter period of time, we would be more than glad to offer our professional services to you. Remember, time is money!

4) Individuals or up coming businesses - If you are looking to start out a new range of decals and would want professionals to handle the job well, look no further.

Aircrafts, Automobiles, AFVs, Ships, Trains, etc. We offer cover any subjects in any scale.