Humvees in OIF & OEF
Monkeys, Skulls, Birds, and even prehistoric Raptors in a whopping 14 marking options set (6 complete builds)!
4 for the desert 3-tones "Devils in Baggy Pants", something that Humvee fans would love to build (enough for 2 complete builds). There is even one for a 3-toned (NATOflage) straight M1025. With the exception of aggressive tires being fitted, and all doors removed - what a way to show the interior and the SINCGARS radio! The only non US markings are those belonging to the Iraqi Army (post 2003) that comes with a whacky 3-tone camoflage too!
Options 13 and 14 deals with uparmored (probably field-applied) guntrucks. The "STRIKE FACE" and all other markings are provided, you just have fun with the simple scratch-building project!
All the vehicles featured here served during OEF with the exception of "Haweyes", Iowa Army National Guard's M1114 and Iraqi Army's. Both were in OIF. The former had an OD M113 shield fitted.
This set comes with two kinds of stencilings for the humvees and M1114 in particular. In both black and green, enough for 6 complete builds. It also comes with generic tire pressure markings (20, 22, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45) for the Humvees. Not to mention that they are in 3 different styles (eg: TP 20; TP/20; and TP-20). To top it off, they are offered in black AND green! So now, your generic Humvee markings are well covered, even for the 3-tone NATO schemes!
Also provided are shipping labels and stickers often seen on Humvees. There are even a few Flammable Liquid stickers for the jerry cans!