LECLERC Series 2 RT5s & T6s
"Leclerc markings? Oh, nothing more than the usual vehicle numbers, names and tactical signs, maybe a pair of French flags..." Well, that notion holds true unless one digs deep enough. Backed by months of research, trips to the army open house events (by a few researchers) and a number of detail references, we (EFD and a number of very helpful modellers) hope this decal sheet proves the notion wrong. Finally, a marking set for the latest 1/35 model kits of the Leclerc MBT, and more. Please read further.
There are sixteen marking options provided in this set, with data plates and fire extinguisher labels enough for six models. Ten RT5 (retroffited T5s) and six T-6s, suitable for the latest "H" and "T" kits in the market. There is also a conversion set out there for the "T" kit to build a RT5 and probably another set that's coming. There are slightly more RT5 marking options provided mainly because this version has seen "active" deployment during the Kosovo conflict, along with the rest of the famous MBTs: British Challenger 1 MK3s (Set T35002) and 2s; Italian Leopard 1A5s; German Leopard 2A5s; and American M1A1HC Abrams. But if you're looking for something interesting just for the T6, there should be plenty enough to choose from. No sense filling up the sheet with just T6 markings because it would be seem too repetitive (too many Rams and Dolphins) and making us look like we were taking it easy.
Apart from the options, this set comes with a full array of generics, useful for other French subjects, apart from the Leclercs. It would also allow one to mark the earlier version of Leclercs that utilised a variety of symbols, different styled turret names and so forth... The latest Series 3 used a "65" tonnage green circle, additional data plates, newer vehicle number styles, and Armee Terre logos which are also included, in case you're gamed for serious updating/conversion project. If you are looking for T5/RT5/T6 vehicle names that's not cover in the options, there are more vehicle names in various styles at the bottom left corner of the sheet. Still, if none of those suits your taste, you can always "assemble" any name from the alphanumerics provided, also in various styles in shades of white and grey.
All of the markings (even the generics) have been precisely scaled. They are not simply "thrown" in without research and much thought just to make the set look interesting. So whatever it is that you're hoping to get out of the set for your Leclerc and other French model projects, we hope your needs will be fully met by this set with satisfactory results.
Due to the cramped nature of the decal sheet, marking options and decal numbers are printed onto a semi-transparent paper (black and white sheet). When placed over the decal sheet, each decal can be easily located without much hassle.