Leopard 2s: Fearsome Cats of the World
Continuing with the Leopard 2 series, this set covers Leopard 2s spanning across the globe. Seeing nations like Singapore (small island nation in South East Asia), Chile (Western Coast of South America) and Spain (South Western Europe) utilitising one or more form of the MBT as their main spearheading ground assets. Besides specific marking options, the set also provides generics, allowing modellers to detail their builds down to their own references. 3 kinds of deck stencils are provided. The Spanish Leo 2s utilises light gray stencils (in Spanish). The Chilean MBTs used black ones, given that their Leos are in medium sand. And the white ones used by Leo 2 A4SGs (in English). Deck stencils in English are not new, as Canadian Leo 2s had them (in set D356044), although the ones in this set had slight differences. The Spanish stencils are all new, based on extensive research effort. As there are already a number of Spanish Leo 2 decals available in the market, thus the Spanish deck stencils in this set will complement those.