US ARMY Patches, Insignias and Ranks Part3 (Desert & Subdued)
US Army Patches, Insignias & Ranks (Part3)
500 limited prints.
Suitable for 1/35 figures of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom theater of operations, and Vietnam war was well. Featuring US Army patches, insignias and ranks, in subdued and desert colors. Also inclusive is a colorful flag patches sheet. The ranks and random names (different from other sets) are included.
Primary Insignias include:
This set also comes complete with MP armbands (or brassards) as well as the fine inscriptions in arabic (suitable for OIF/OEF). You can either use just the MP letters on your own self-made brassards or use the decal form and of course, you'll need to crop them to fit. The MP lettering styles in this set differs from the other set(s).
Each of the insignias and patches are carefully created in 1/35 to match closely to the dimensions of the actual patches.
Many thanks to Joel Russ for his help in this set.