UK Antenna Flags & Stickers (Part 2)
500 limited prints.
In similar fashion to FL354002 flag sheet, the Welsh Red Dragon colours are the main attractions of this sheet. In order to create a truly unique product, it includes one atypical version of the "Union Jack" that differs to the one in FL354002 in terms of the lighter blue shade and the very narrow white areas surrounding the central red cross. As examples of usage, one AS90 SPG was seen carrying such a flag during Op Telic, right next to another AS90 carrying the normal type as seen at the top of FL354002! It has also been seen on a Challenger I Mk3 in Bosnia, possibly a QRH tank!
Probably quite unusual (maybe not done in this scale) are the Royal Navy's White Ensign flags. Maybe some day, a manufacturer would come up with a 1/35 Vosper or even a hovercraft seen during Op Telic? Only wishful thinking (though not impossible), but the main reason why these flags are included is because the Royal Marines also used these on some of their land vehicles (Rovers?) as well as sea-going vessels. So why not include the White Ensign!
Those tiny specks of "dots" on the sheet are actually small flag patches worn by servicemen, AFV crews inclusive.
Overall, most of the flags (including the English Cross of St George: red cross on white) featured in this sheet have been used on AFVs during Op Telic and have probably seen on other theatre of operations.