UK Antenna Flags & Stickers (Part 1)
500 limited prints.
The main of attraction of this sheet is probably the various sizes of the Scottish Lion Rampant flags, penants, stickers and patches. The fine curves and angles of the Lion Rampant have been captured fully down to the last detail.
The typical "Union Jack" in the real world never come in one dimension. This sheet offers the a second variation - the wider kind. It is simply not just a "stretched" version of the normal type or else the flag would look "flattened". The artwork has to be recreated because the white spaces and the red crosses has to maintain the same widths all around.
For those who wants a special flag for their QRH's models, a pair of mirror-imaged black pigs are provided - to be placed right at the centre of the red cross on the Union Jack.
Also included are the triangular Lion Rampant penant and arm patches for the crews of a RSDG's Challenger II MBT - Commanding officer's tank!
As a prime example of this sheet's usage, I've seen a Warrior fighting vehicle in the desert (very likely during Op Telic) adorning one Scottish St Andrew's (White Cross on Blue) on the right antenna, and the Lion Rampant on the left. Both full-sized flags!