US Antenna Flags & Stickers
300 limited prints.
Finally, a dressing sheet are will truly make your models stand out - Flags for your model vehicle antennas! They are straight forward to use - just cut close to the edges, dip it in the water and wrap it around the antennas! If you want to add "character" to the waving flags, just sandwich a kitchen aluminum foil in between each flag before wrapping them around the antenna.
Each flag has been closely matched in size against the common standard sizes in the flag industry.
And how about a "Lone Star" flag to add to your M2 Bradley? I've seen quite a few M2s with these on their antennas.
Also, included are the unique "Don't mess with Texas" bumper stickers that you can add to your M2 Bradley and AAV-7, and Humvee models. I'm sure there are more vehicles out there that have made good use of these "stickers". And if you can't get enough of infantry flag patches, there are plenty of them in this sheet.