French AML 60s & 90s in Senegal
This set sees 23eme BIMa AMLs operating in Senegal that lasted as least 2 cycles in changing of camouflage colours (which is quite a long time). The vehicles were originally in all green (post WWII standard). Then they moved on to 2-tones Sand and green. And then finally in 3-tones NATO colours (modern day standard). Some of the cars had their markings transitioned from one style of markings to another while still retaining the same vehicle registration number (even when the VRN plate styles were all different). For these vehicles, modellers are given the option to choose 2-tones or NATO for their builds. Whilst not obvious to the eye, this set involves a lot of colours to get it printed. The unit marking, the Anchor emblem, is provided in 2 tones: red/yellow/red border & red/yellow/blue border. Also included are fire extinguisher labels, which will add detail to the builds.