1/72 Schwere Panzerabteilung 507 Tiger IIs
sAbt 507 Tiger IIs that saw action in the Paderborn area, 1945. Pecular to the unit, like their Tiger Is, the first digit of the turret numbers were larger and stood taller than the second and third digits (platoon and tank). Except that the colours were reversed - white outlines on solid black. Of interest is one of the "402"s featured on this set, which was with single-link tracks driven by18-tooth sprockets, and was fitted out as a Panzerbefehlswagen (antenna base on the turret, rear of the loader's hatch, antenna pot on the center rear of the engine deck and antenna tube across the rear edge of the hull). In other words, a stab Tiger II with late-war tracks. Also included are Turret number generics.