3. SS-Schw.Pz.Rgt. Tiger Is Kursk 1943 - Operation Citadel
Covers 10 specific Tiger I Earlys from 3. Schw.Pz.Rgt. "Totenkopf" during Operation Citadel, Kursk 1943. Of these, five tanks featured kill marks. The KwK 36 L/56 barrel has a slight tapered profile. When designing the ring artworks on a 2D flat, one must take the barrel taper seriously into consideration. Simply tapering the artwork alone is not enough. They should all exhibit a slight CURVATURE on each set of rings as there is some math behind it. Like all other Echelon sets, the rings are carefully calculated and crafted so that when applied, they would look straight on a tapered profile. I.E. if you apply an all-straight-lined artwork instead, the end result would be that all the rings will look slanted. The specific tanks on the set had all the turret numbers properly spacedAlso included are a generic full set of rings (cut off what is not needed), plus separate digits for further customization.