LAH Panzer IV Ausf. Js 1944-1945 (Pt 2)
The final installment of LAH Panzer IVs during their last days of WWII, cover 6th & 8th Kompanie Ausf. Js. Not an easy set to cover as information is pretty scarce. Later version of "631" which was lost at Hassoumont was thought to be "601" earlier. The center digit "0" was actually "3". The proof was in the "broken outlines" of both digits and it matched "3" perfectly. "The stenciled "631" and "611" number styles actually matched the LAH Ardennes Panthers styles. The digit "6" is new for this set. Apart from these two, the rest of the turret numbers are pretty much non-standard, very likely hand-painted (common practise towards the end of the war).