31. Pz.Rgt., 5. Pz.Div. Panthers
Covers 9 specific Panther Ausf. As & Ausf. Gs from 31. Pz.Rgt. featuring the prominent, late-war styled, red devil's head on black on the turret sides. Comes with complete generic alphanumerics for the turret, for those who wants full flexibility, in both zimmerit edged and non-zimmerit ones. While the specific options will help modellers place the numbers with ease without trying to guess the spacings between the digits. Which you can see can be quite different from tank to tank. Of these, "412" had the emblem uniquely outlined with a lighter colour, very likely red (same shade as the head). The Ausf Gs covered in this set featured both dotted ambush and disc camouflages. Also included are the usual stencils and hull numbers.