1. SS-Pz.Rgt. Panthers Ardennes 1944/45 Kampfgruppe Peiper
Covers 10 specific Panther Ausf. Gs (mids & mids with steel wheels) from 1. SS Panzer Regiment (part of Kampfgruppe Peiper) that saw action at Ardennes,1944 to 1945. The stenciled numbers accurately captured and measured (the rear number is actually about 2/3rd in height vs side numbers). Care is also taken to capture the spacing between digits. On some tanks, the digits are slightly uneven. Some are slightly tilted. The LAH Panthers had employed 3 types of camouflaging: standard 3 tones; "Ambush" dot patterns; and "Disc" camo patterns. The Balkankreuz, contrary to a standard sizing throughout, actually differs from tank to tank. Also included are generic turret digits and registration stencils so that you can customise to match any LAH Panthers in the Ardennes. To make the set interesting, Hotel des Ardennes signage is provided, the final resting place of Panther "152".