1/35 SchPzAbt 503 Tiger Is Kursk 1943 Operation Citadel 2.K & St.
Complete 2. Kompanie and Stabskompanie marking set for sAbt 503 Tiger Is during the Kursk offensive "Operation Citadel", in a nutshell. Essentially, Kursk '43 503th Heavy Battalion markings and organisation (part of), demysified. While the unit did utilise various numeral & cross styles across the companies, 2. K Tiger was most consistent on the use of number and balkenkreuz styles. Although the spacings between digits varied between tanks. Some were unevenly aligned. The set removes all these guess-work for each Tiger. Just pick the option and move forward.

Stabskompanie hull and turret crosses, albeit looking very similar to the rest of the kompanie, actually used balkenkreuz stencils different from the rest of the Tigers. This was discovered during the creation process. Even 1. and 3. Kompanie crosses were matched against them - did not fit. The whites and blacks were of different proportions on the Stabstigers.

The illustrations also highlight which production batch that each Tiger came from, including unique details (if there were any) that were installed on the vehicle. The entire Kompanie is illustrated except for 1 vehicle, in one way or another (not inclusive of all possible replacement or replaced tanks that were missed out), thus revealing the full organisational structure of the kompanie itself. Of interest is that each zug (platoon) had 3 Tigers, instead of 4. And 4 Zugs in total, instead of 3. Ultimately, still the same number of Tigers for each kompanie, but organised differently. Tiger "243" is not illustrated as there was no images to support the artwork at the time of print. Although numerals for "243" are still provided, in order to make 2.K markings complete.

Battalion emblems (4 variations) are provided, they were researched and drawn from actual markings.

Like all large Echelon decal sets, much effort went into research and creation. The Kursk 43 503 sets took an even greater effort, over a span of 2 years, as there were huge amount of information to gather, sort and process. The accumulation of information alone took way longer than that.

2. Kompanie Tigers were assigned to go into battle with 19. Pz. Div.