1/35 SchPzAbt 503 Tiger Is Kursk 1943 Operation Citadel 1.K
A large and comprehensive 1. Kompanie marking set for sAbt 503 Tiger Is during the Kursk offensive "Operation Citadel". Essentially, Kursk '43 503th Heavy Battalion markings and organisation (part of), demysified. The unit did utilise various numeral & cross styles across the board and that may make a generic marking set pretty confusing and daunting to say the least. The set aims to remove much guess work, like which style of numerals and balkenkreuz were used on each Tiger. For example, the mixture of styles on Tiger "123", also versus its eventual replacement turret. Or the fact that replacement Tigers "100" & "111" used a different stencil (smaller and narrower). Even the spacings between each digits, spread wide / close together, neatly aligned, sloped towards the front or unevenly applied, are now no longer an concern. A straight forward, zero-fuss approach to application.

The illustrations also highlight which production batch that each Tiger came from, including unique details (if there were any) that were installed on the vehicle. The entire Kompanie is covered, in one way or another (not inclusive of all possible replacement or replaced tanks that were missed out), thus revealing the full organisational structure of the kompanie itself.

Battalion emblems (4 variations) are provided, they were researched and drawn from actual markings.

Like all large Echelon decal sets, much effort went into research and creation. The Kursk 43 503 sets took an even greater effort, over a span of 2 years, as there were huge amount of information to gather, sort and process. The accumulation of information alone took way longer than that.

1. Kompanie Tigers were assigned to go into battle with 6. Pz. Div. Panzer Ace Kurt Knispel was from this Kompanie. Although he did pose for photograph in the cupola of Tiger "101", Tiger "131" was recorded with a notable 16 T-34 kills, 10th day into the offensive, according to Tigers in Combat I. Which begged some to question whether Kurt was a crew member of Tiger "131" instead. A replacement Tiger "100", a very early Mid version (early hull + later sprockets with machined hub cap) had a lengthy collection of kill rings on its Kwk 36. 19 rings to be exact.