4.Pz.Div. Tauchpanzer III Ausf. G & H Operation Barbarossa and Prior
Covers markings of various 4. Pz.Div. Tauchpanzer III Ausf. G & H versions right up to Operation Barbarossa. Markings prior to Barbarossa are 5 specific 2nd company Ausf Gs & Hs, each bear is slightly different from the other. In other words, while they looked similar from afar, each had unique details and lines. "Grisly-bar" isn't the same as the other "200" tank on set AXT351040. The fonts and numerical styles are all different. 5th company tanks that operated in Op Barbarossa did not have the bear markings on the turret, although they did used the 4. Pz.Div. divisional symbol.