Pz.Rgt. 6 Panzer IIIs - Operation Barbarossa
Covering four Panzer IIIs from the Pz.Rgt.6 that operated during Operation Barbarossa. This 3rd Panzer Div unit tanks were rarely seen in good battle condition and in close-up. Most of them were seen destroyed or disabled, but all had that distinctively huge and neat "G" stenciled on their fenders (Panzergruppe 2). All four had a small "Grenadier" symbol garbed with tradtional military head gear on both sides of the turret, in front of the tactical numbers. All the numbers are not exactly the same - although very neatly hand-painted. Each set comes with two sheets of decals (plus one 3rd Pz.Div. symbol), so that in case you want to have opened turret klappe, there are spare turret numbers available.