A34 Comets of 3 RTR, 11 Armoured Division
Marking set covering 3 Royal Tank Regiment Comets of 11 Armoured Division. Probably the most photographed Comet unit during the war. Almost all had names starting with "C" regardless of which squadron. Some had personalised markings. Several AOS "52" squares and 11 AD Symbol variations were detected among the tanks, so were as faithfully captured as possible for the set. Being the second regiment of 11 AD, all squadron symbols would be yellow, thus a complete set is provided.

The allied recognition star is based on a known overhead view of a 11 AD Comet, the ring being thick. Thus, different from kit samples. Generic WDN digits provided, including prefixes "T-33" which most Comets if not all started with. All that is required is to assemble the remaining 4 digits for customisation. The WDN styles and size is completely designed from scratch for the Comet series. Includes 11 AD unit patches for both left and right shoulders (different facing bulls, all should face towards the front).

Update: New data showed up. An addendum sheet has been added to the set. Special to Andy Fisher & Stephen Pannell in making the instruction sheet more accurate.