37éme BCC B1BIS tanks
37ème BCC vehicles were probably the most consistently and prominently marked B1bis tanks at the front when facing the onslaught of the German Blitzkrieg. Each tank featuring huge letters on the turret, hull sides and the rear, plus one of the card deck shapes on the turret rear facets. Also a common B1bis marking practice, each vehicle received a name, placed on the turret sides as well as the hull front below the driver's vision port.

This set (as part of Echelon FD's tradition) would also enable anyone to build a mega diorama featuring two or more B1bis from the 37ème BCC.

While this set entitles one to choose any of the eight specifically marked tanks, there are also generics (specific to 37ème BCC for anyone who prefers to mark their models out of the eight options. Also included is the name "FANTASQUE" - the one and only famous B1bis tank tested with "trees" camouflage. This is for those who are keen to test their hand painting skills!