11 ACR M551s & M113s IN VIETNAM Part 3

This 3rd 11 ACR set covers 5 M113A1 ACAVs and 5 M551 Sheridans during the Vietnam War, made up of A, D, F, G and K troop tracks. Also provided: accurate exterior M551 hull stencilings & silver-edged Data Plates (for the AN/VSS-3 searchlight), M113 exterior hull stencilings, and Vietnam era .50 Cal ammo box stencils. Included are M551 registration generics (the registration (during Vietnam War) used one particular font style) as well as bumper code stencils so that you customise for any units' Sheridan of your choice. Last but not least, re/white guidon for 11 ACR, customisable for any troop just by changing the troop letter. ALLONS!