3/4 CAV M551s & M113s IN VIETNAM Part 1

This set features 3/4 CAV AFVs that fought in the Vietnam War. 1 M113A1 ACAV and 3 M551 Sheridans. This set covers A, B and C Troop vehicles. A Troop, denoted by red barrel rings (triangle corners for M113s). B Troop white and C Troop blue. Each vehicle comes with personalised markings (some interesting). For example, A25 featured a cool and large graffiti on the hull front, among other things. White B15 had a shark mouth on both sides of the gun barrel collar. All 3/4 Cav vehicles have both white numbers on the hull sides. This set allows both types of vehicles in one diorama. Also provided: full, accurate exterior M551 hull stencilings & silver-edged Data Plates (for the AN/VSS-3 searchlight), accurate M113 exterior hull stencilings, and Vietnam era .50 Cal ammo box stencils. The Vietnam war M551s are full of stencils, particularly the turret sides and rear. When you remove any of the ammo boxes or water can, there will be a stencil visible. When you remove a tool from the hull rear, so will a stencil appear on the surface beneath the tool. There was reference material for one of the unit's Guidons, used during the war. What better way than to include it in this set!