Generic WWII Type Set B

A versatile set of Generic WWII-styled fonts (Set B) that can be used on any German AFVs: actual in-service types; "what-if" prototypes; and Panzerwaffe 46 "paper panzers". The actual font style is based on historical references. Given the number of "paper panzer" and prototype kits released, surely these will come in handly? The complete white set of alphabets (to make any name / slogan you wish) and the quick-fix names are sized according to those found on actual WWII examples, such as the name found on set D356017. Which means you can use them on any AFV you wish: Nashorn, Hummel, Wespe, Halftracks, Armoured car, Panther Ausf F, Panther II, Maus, VK72.01, VK16.02, just to name a few - for those who fancy exercising their imaginations. Also included are colourful markings (fictitious emblems, original Echelon FD designs) that can help you spruce up your builds. The above illustrations are just some fanciful ideas that hope to you get started. Note: If you have gotten D356260 already, you may not need this set.