Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54s (Part 1)

This set covers two M54A2-based gun trucks, "THE MATCH BOX" and "THE UNTOUCHABLE", plus one normal M54 (without winch) truck serving with the USMC in Vietnam. "THE UNTOUCHABLE" had interesting all-red markings including flashy mud flaps and a slogan on the tail gate. Whilst "THE MATCH BOX" had all-yellow ones and the "100 Meter Interval" on its tail. "THE UNTOUCHABLE" was fitted with 2 .50 cals (front and back), plus 2 extra M134 Miniguns on the sides. Talk about extra fire power! Whereas "THE MATCH BOX" was decked out with 4 .50 cals! Aptly named, so that makes all 4 .50 cals "Match Sticks?" Light 'em up!! The USMC truck had interesting markings as well, including a winged-A emblem on the bumper, plus the unit marking on the doors and front of the hood. Also included are all the nitty-gritty fine stencilings found on each truck, plus the yellow-placards for the cargo bed sides. All precisely captured and sized based on the actual vehicles. Armor plating templates for both gun trucks are provided.