AMX-13 Part 1

Featuring Lebanese AMX-13s fielded by the the SLA and 9th Brigade. The 90mm gun tank in SLA Grey, and the 105mms in green. The 9th Brigade emblem carefully measured and meticulously captured. Finer details of the emblem are barely discernible in 1/35 as they are created and printed true-to-scale - a magnifier maybe required for a clearer view. As a bonus, a colourful emblem for a 2nd Brigade Lebanese M41 Bulldog is also included. The details and clear images of all these tanks are available in "AMX-13 In Lebanon" released by Blue Steel Books.

The second part of this set covers Venezuelan AMX-13/90s. The roudels are properly sized (one of the kits has these underscaled) and there are options allowing the modeller to cover any of the four tanks during the 1962 event.