KFOR BMP-1s: Czech BVP-1; Polish BWP-1 & Slovak BVP-1

This set fully covers 3 KFOR BMP-1s from various NATO nations out of 5 marking options. The Czech BVP-1 is in a unique non-standard two-tone scheme - the darker green was actually touch-up paint as regular lighter green was not available. Featuring a fearsome looking shark mouth, among other additional, attractive personal markings.

There are two Polish BWP-1 marking options in the usual standard three-tone NATO scheme covered by a variety of interesting markings. A selection of one is required.

Last but not least, are options for 2 single-toned Slovak BVP-1s with KFOR and national markings. Again, a choice of either is required.

All 3 vehicles can be adorned with the respective antenna flags.