Sandbagged Shermans of the 14th Armored Division

Sandbagged M4s are well-known on the ETO, practised particularly by the 14th AD. A number of the sandbagged M4s were of the long-gun variety, mostly M4A3E8 "Easy-eights" and M4A3 (76) W. While a number were void of markings other than the stars there were several that had their bumper codes stenciled onto the barrel itself. The stencils were larger than the usual bumper code types and have a unique style that hasn't been replicated (in fidelity) in 1/35. This set attempts to capture all the known styles used by the 25th and 47th Tank Battalions down to the finer details. 6 specific vehicles are featured in this set, 5 had their barrels coded (you can find the references on the internet and in books with ease).

For those who are looking to do up their 14 AD M4s without refering to specific references, the generics of both styles are provided. Also included are the unit patches for the crew, as well as a street sign "Radweg" in front of a well-known 14.AD Sherman. General George S Patton was seen walking in front of one of the tanks.