Merkava Siman 3D (Pt 3)

Two specific Mk 3D vehicles which fought in 2006 Lebanon War. The stylings of markings are unique to each vehicle. Marking option one comes with turret tactical markings (3 Bet) that is different from it's hull (2). This is a not a mistake and is supported by photography references that are listed on the instruction sheet. For example, check out Getty Image 57079053. Comes with extensive generic data plates and stencils. All the stencil markings are pain-stakingly created, using none of the computerised hebrew fonts out there. And a photo-etched set to tackle raised registration plates and optional detail parts to boot. Also included are stencils for the 7.62mm M19A1 & .50 Cal M2 ammo box labels. For the crew, two verison of flag patches. Two sizes of antenna flags are also provided. All you need in one set.