PT BOAT Generic Hull Numbers

180 limited prints.

Much research has been put into this set on the proper stylings of the numbers used by the ELCO 80' boats. Evidently, there were two very obvious styles of numbers ever used by the 80 footers. The all-white, unshadowed version, and the white with black shadows type, both reflected in this set. There were other kinds, but probably the more obscure types.

This set help corrects the kit decal inaccuracies in Italeri's fabulous Elco 80' kit. Not only the positions of the "shadows" in on the decals was inaccurate, the corners of the "shadows" were also wrong.

Also, this set is what you really need if you want to enjoy the full flexibility of marking your boat after ALMOST any ELCO 80' you wish, including the all-time famous John F. Kennedy's PT109, which evidently used white-only "109" numbers without the "PT" prefix. FYI, Mid-to-Late PT boats (like the Elco 80') hardly ever (if not never) used the "PT" prefix, thus these would be redundant if included. Only early war patrol boats used them. Even so, the numbers used by early PT boats were of a different styling altogether.