Pz.Rgt. 6 Panzer IV Ausf D (Tauch) - Operation Barbarossa

Covering four Panzer IV Ausf Ds (Tauch) from the Pz.Rgt.6 that operated during Operation Barbarossa. Recent colour images revealed that these tanks actually had solid red with white outlines on all three sides of the turret. Apart from the usual "G" markings on both front and rear fenders, there was a small white stenciled shark emblem on both sides of the hull. The shark on the right side was actually painted at the front of the wooden beam. Due to the complex surfaces of which the tactical numbers were placed. A spare sheet of decal is provided. Of interest is the larger shark emblem which is also provided by not used on the vehicles in this set. These can be used as replacements for other decals. Actual marking should really be a plain white stencil (like the small ones) instead of complicated colourful sharks (which decals would like to depict). Not all the tactical digits looked the same. The tactical numbers on both sides of the turret are separated digits to ease the application process. The yellow 3rd Pz Div. Symbol were not detected based on references, but are provided just in case they were really used.